channeling 1984 in 2014 Palm Springs.

my way of being a couch potato.

palm springs being serenaded by some dude – 2013

                                                             screen shot of a porno i made.

A not sober selfie at benihana 2013

my birthday. yes I had some junk in my trunk going on.

my first and only piece of real artwork. persian cat by Marc Dennis. I don’t even like cats.

NYC 2003. I was free. I was kind of blond. what was I thinking?

courty wags and me in front of the computer.

in buenos aires 2007.

when i have my headphones on and everything is alright.

while i work.

at the cheesiest brazilian restaurant ever. let’s just call it brizzler. the brazilian sizzler.  i look just as cheesy.

by JB. i love this bird. again, i don’t even like birds.

pretending to smoke. because i would never do such an evil thing.

    Me just hanging out at home on a mannequin like all people do.

marina and me. i lost that derek lam belt and i’m pissed about it.