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circle of life

Some people you just can’t seem to get out of your life. No matter how hard you try.

biting your lip.

It’s challenging to not say something when you feel like you really, really, really want to say something. Having the last word — who doesn’t suffer from wanting that? Who doesn’t want to be understood? Who doesn’t hate being misunderstood… But I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no reasoning with delusional. Let it be.  Save your energy.  Use it to create something great.  The Universe will take care of the rest.  You dig?

another friday in los angeles

Mack my fur beast/love of my life/son/soulmate had a root canal yesterday. Not only did he get a root canal, he also got a composite filling. Yes, you heard that correctly. As my extremely astute friend Rachele put it, “it’s not like you have to pay for his college tuition. $2000.00 on a root canal is the least you could do.” Good point. Anyhow, he’s doing well. I think, or I hope, he enjoyed the drugs while they lasted.

On another note, it really amuses me when my mother writes things like “omg” on facebook. It lets me know she’s staying hip with the times.

P.S. My blog got hacked by radical Arab muslims. Only lasted less than 24 hours. But it was fun while it did.

decisions, decisions.

I’m sitting here in front of my computer listening to some African song i just found. Amazing. Amazing. Anyway, then bon iver came on in the mix… took me back to a place. At present I should be crying about one guy in particular, but then this song comes on and it reminds me of another. And for a moment i thought… “i wonder which guy i should cry about?” Geez. I’m really just a writer writing and living my stories aren’t I? … only to find that none of it’s real anyway.  Andale.

Twit, twat, text.

I can’t blog, twit, facebook, tumble, text, email and write in one life. That’s insane. Also, it’s bad business to use all my creative energy on things I don’t get paid for.

I’m in San Francisco for the Thanksgiving weekend. Don’t know what it is about NorCal but i just want to sleep when I’m here. That could be for a myriad of reasons – such as, it’s boring? Or maybe it takes me back to when i was a kid and I always had to get up for school and all I ever wanted to do was just SLEEP and it seemed like I never got to. Well, now… I can. Life in high school sucked – I was restricted in every way. Sure I didn’t have any responsibilities but I was also totally limited in what I could experience. I prefer it like this!
2011 around the corner. 2010 was decent. But 2011 is going to be YEE HAW.

the dilemma of the screenwriter…

My biggest dilemma was that I kept repeating the same adjectives to describe the same thing. Stunned, surprised, taken aback, shocked – shoot me now. Someone desperately needs to start a site with all the adjectives at the tips of my fingers. Who’s in?

idol finale tomorrow night… I’m cheesing out.

Vanessa and I are going to the AI Finale tomorrow courtesy of Rolling Stone. I don’t usually like to go out for the night at 3:30pm but what the hell. I’m a huggggeeee Freddie Mercury lover and that Adam Lambert dude is like a reincarnation. I’m so into it!  

VG will be getting her backstage journalist mojo on and I’ll be …socializing? Observing? Party afterwards right by my house. Should be interesting!! 

Oh and I think I tried to vote for Lambert but they put me on hold or something so I hung up. It’s a conspiracy. Oh oh and let me add the AI people think Kris is going to win. Seriously.

ETA: check out Vanessa’s Rolling Stone article with Adam on the cover. Gems everywhere.

over and over

went to some book party the other night – “Gypset” basically the lifestyle of rich hippies.

Me and Craig:


Heard this song. Love it. 


[youtube: 300 300]


ahahaha! check out cristina’s new target ad! she rules!

how convincing and talented is she? the truth is cristina has some seriously seriously seriously amazing style and fabulous taste and when I start contemplating a bikini from target…..(ok maybe not) you know she’s done her job.

Life. Stuff. Busy. Thoughts.

I haven’t written on this blog for way too long. I think facebook got my attention. I never thought I’d give into the facebook thing. I did. Kinda fun.  A nice way to compartmentalize everyone in my life. Sometimes I get so lost into my own world I have a hard time keeping up….facebook makes me feel social while being anti-social. What am I talking about? Facebook sucks. 

Went to Hawaii and came back. Totally fun. Took some seriously fabulous video of seriously fabulous fireworks and a seriously fabulous volcano. Will try to post them if I can remember how!  Working on a couple TV pilots. Hoping to close a deal soon on this other thingie I have going. We shall see…

Happy New Year. So far so good!!!!!!!!!

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